Exhibiting at 

The Studio Art Gallery

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Renting Exhibition Space

The Gallery rents out it's wall space for artist's to exhibit their work on a monthly basis. We have a selection of areas to hire out ranging from £25 to £40 per month in the Studio area and from £40 to £80 per month in the Main Gallery area.

Drop in, or contact the Gallery, if you are an artist interested in exhibiting your work so we can discuss what options are available to best suit your needs.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Gallery has Public Liability insurance.
  • The Gallery will not insure individual artist’s work. Artists may arrange insurance for their own work or leave work in the Gallery at their own risk.
  • Artists should exhibit their own original work and be the sole author and owner of the copyright. Any reference works by another artist or photographer will need permission from the copyright owner and proof of permission should be available, if required. The Gallery accepts no liability in respect of unlawfully reproduced art.
  • The artist understands that the Gallery itself will not be manned all the time. Art sales and enquiries on these occasions will be taken by the staff in the adjoining Tea Room, which will be open during retail times whenever possible.
  • Artists may hang their own displays if they choose and picture hooks will be supplied.
  • Work left for the Gallery to hang should be strung or have a suitable hook on the back otherwise a small charge of £2 per item, for time and materials used, will be made to provide this.
  • Artists should either label each piece work with a title, their name, price and any other relevant details or pass on the same information to the Gallery who will then label the work on their behalf.
  • The artist agrees to remove their work promptly at the end of the agreed rental period. If the wall space is needed before you can do this then it may be taken down and stored safely until collection.
  • For items of work accepted on a ‘20% commission’ basis there is also an initial small monthly displaying fee. Monthly rates for paintings are based on framed diagonal length and are as follows: Less than 18"/45cm = £1. Greater than 24"/60cm = £2. All sizes in between = £1.50. For any other item, suitable rates based on size will be applied and discussed beforehand. This displaying fee is refunded if the work is sold during the rental period.
  • After any rental period, you must collect any unsold work promptly due to shortage of storage space.
  • Artists should inform the Gallery if there is any flexibility on the displayed price and what those conditions are.
  • Artists may provide a brief biography about themselves and their work. It should fit within the size of 6 by 4 inch typed text. If a digital image of one of the exhibits and a biography is provided then permission needs to be given if the artist wishes the Gallery to use this to promote their work via Facebook, the Gallery website or as part of other advertising. (GDPR 2018)
  • Artists should ensure the Gallery has the correct contact details and must complete the form letting us know us if you want details passed on to interested parties who might wish to contact you directly. (GDPR 2018)
  • The Gallery will make a reasonable effort to inform the artist within a few days if their work has been sold. Payments to the artist may be made by cash, cheque or BACS (if suitable details are provided).
  • Total sales above £100 per month which have been purchased by card will incur a handling cost (currently 1.7% but this may vary slightly if card charges change).
  • More space can be hired for special or private exhibitions and opening times can be extended by prior permission. Contact the Gallery for details.
  • Refunds will not be given if the rental agreement is cancelled early by the artist.
  • The Gallery has the right to ensure that any work deemed unsuitable/offensive will not be displayed.

Privacy Notice

The Gallery collects specific personal data from artists for communication, publicity/promotion and payment purposes only. This data will only include name, email address, phone number, biography, digital image(s) of work and BACS details if consent is given freely and unambiguously.

The legal grounds for holding and processing this data is for recording consent and legitimate interests for running the Gallery.

Contact details will only be passed on to third parties if consent has been given.

This data will be kept until it has been unused for a period of 24 months or until the Gallery ceases to trade.

If a data breach occurs, those concerned will be informed within 24 hours of awareness of the incident.

The artist has the right at any time to;

  •  request a copy of all data held about them
  •  request that incorrect data is amended
  •  change their consent preferences
  •  erasure of some, or all, of the data held about them.