Past Exhibiting Artists



Quality Norfolk Artwork


Tony Colledge

My latest exhibition features some previously unseen photographs which have been transformed by the use of a bespoke colour palette, tailored to suit each individual picture to achieve the best effect.

Pre-designed filters have not been used.

Oswaldo Merchor

Oswaldo has lived on the Norfolk coast for over 45 years. Originally from Peru, he comes from a family with a long artistic tradition. 

Completely self taught in technique and design, his main sculptural subjects are birds. Many months of study and research ensure each piece is a skilfully crafted work of art which is then cast mainly in bronze.

To find out more visit

Julia Richardson

Julia creates beautiful stained glass pieces which have been made using traditional techniques.  Individual pieces of clear and coloured glass are cut to size, leaded together, soldered and cemented. Some pieces have been painted and kiln fired.

Her work can often be hung either inside or outdoors.

Big Plum Art Group

This exhibition features work from 17 different members of this local art group. They have used a wide range of media to produce a variety of subjects.

Carol Gibbons

Formerly an art teacher, Carol now produces paintings on silk and using watercolour. Some pieces are inspired by vibrant colours in both the landscape and seascape, whilst others stem from close observation of natural forms like trees, flowers and insects.

Fehmi Gokes

I am a self-taught mosaic artist and I have developed my own style over the years by experimenting with shape, colour and texture.

As well as making mosaic pictures, I also create my designs on tables and mirrors using a variety of materials, such as ceramic, glass and wood.

Viv Rainsbury, Gillian Southgate and Ruth Straughan

These 3 artists provide the Gallery with a diverse exhibition of high quality work. Viv is a wildlife artist, working in acrylic and pastel. Gillian specialises in copperwork and pyrography whilst Ruth creates beautiful stained glass pieces.

'Water's Edge' Exhibition

A very impressive collection of high quality work from East Anglian artists. 

We are using this exhibition to raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution on our wildlife, their habitats and the environment.

All exhibiting artists have donated to 

The Ocean Cleanup project.

Exhibition runs until Nov 20th. Free admission.

Jeffrey Brett

After his recent success in the ‘Connection’ exhibition at Wells Maltings, Jeff has brought a selection of paintings to the gallery which demonstrate the range and scope of his art.

To enhance the colour and protect the surface, some of his paintings have an oil base and then are finished in acrylic. 

The exhibition incorporates both traditional and contemporary pictures in Jeff’s own unique style.

Sue Ford

I loved to draw and paint from an early age. 

I am a self-taught artist and I have been working as a commercial artist painting floral watercolours. 

Working with various art tutors has enabled me to explore different mediums and techniques. I believe to grow as an artist we must have an open mind and be willing to learn from others.

Caister Art Group

The Studio Art Gallery is happy to host exhibitions from groups as well as individual artists. 

This month we welcome 18 members of the Caister Art Group, who have each submitted one piece of their own work. It makes for an interesting and a varied display and we wish them success with their exhibition.

Jayne Robinson

I was born in Kings Lynn and have lived in Norfolk most of my life, recently settling in the Broadland village of Martham. 

I started painting quite late in my life but now have developed a real passion for it.  I like anything to do with the 'outdoors' and I have tried to reflect in my work.

Alan Lavender and Derek Harvey

A shared exhibition by these 2 talented artists. Alan is showcasing his watercolour wildlife paintings and pastel landscapes. Derek has chosen to display a variety of landscapes painted in watercolour, acrylic or oil.

Wayne Ford IEA (Assoc)

I have been a professional Illustrator/Artist all my working life and during that time I have worked for some of the largest publishing houses in London and New York.

My work covers many genres painted mainly in watercolour, although I do enjoy venturing into the realms of abstract art by way of a change from my usual highly detailed work.

I have had work accepted in the IEA open exhibitions in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and now have been appointed as an IEA provisional member.

Margaret Bailey

I have lived all of my life in the heart of the Norfolk countryside and enjoyed art and crafts from an early age.

Looking after my family kept me otherwise occupied for many years but since retiring I now have more time to develop my painting skills and I attend an art group, believing there is always room to learn and be inspired by fellow Artists.

Bruce Aitchison

I have been painting and drawing with a variety of media all my life, mostly in my spare time, but since retiring I am able to spend more time on it. 

My work includes a mix of figure and portrait drawing, still life and landscapes, the latter often reflecting scenes of East Anglia.

Garth Coupland

A lifelong natural historian, I write about, lecture upon and lead 'safaris' enabling participants to experience the other species that share our planet.

Whilst living in Australia between 2013 and 2017, I taught myself watercolour painting then started illustrating the amazing variety of frog species of Queensland. Herpetology is my greatest interest and I have travelled extensively in Europe, America and Australia seeking out the cold-blooded company of reptiles and amphibians! 

Jan Maunder

Upon retiring from being a Primary School teacher, I wanted to learn quilting and to improve my watercolour technique. I used the scraps left over from quilting to create material pictures, initially for my grandson who wanted some pictures for his bedroom.

I enjoy developing my painting skills and attend a local watercolour class.

Teresa Cator

I have lived in rural Norfolk all my life. My love of the countryside, wildlife and nature comes from riding my horse across the vast fields on my doorstep. 

My passion for painting began when I took early retirement and now I enjoy experimenting with different mediums.

Janice Lee

I began painting in oils during the 1980s but since moving to Norfolk, I fell in love with the light and the colours found in the countryside, under the broad open skies. 

I have been a member of a local art group for many years and now prefer to work in watercolour.

Luke Power

I create wildlife sculptures from re-cycled scrap metal. 

I often use cutlery, kitchen utensils, screws and sheet metal to make a variety of creatures. 

My past work includes barn owls, kingfishers, herons and butterflies.

Jane Knights

I am an artist and a calligrapher with a special interest in contemporary lettering. Much of my work focuses on design and the relationship between lettering and pattern. 

My multimedia work may include ink, watercolour, gouache, pastel, acrylic and coloured pencil. I use many different writing implements, both traditional and unconventional, and over time I have gradually developed my own scripts.

I am also inspired by knot-work which was used to decorate Celtic manuscripts. These make fascinating patterns and mine are individually drawn out.

I write poetry and often use my own words and haiku on some of my work.

Alison Florence

I began creating 3D resin artworks in 2014. This technique involves building up layers of oil pastels between the many layers of resin which gives my work its 3D effect. 

For tutorials and to see more of my work visit

Jenny Thomson

I am a self-taught artist, having taken up painting some 13 years ago and now balance this with a busy family life.

I paint using a variety of mediums to suit the purpose. When painting animals, I prefer soft pastels; seascapes, landscapes and flowers are done in oils; whilst birds are usually done in watercolour.

Tony Colledge

As well as classic, traditional landscapes that reflect a 'perfect' moment in time, I also enjoy taking photographs which have an unusual or striking texture, colour or shape. 

  Alternatively, I like the challenge of capturing natural patterns from different viewpoints.

Ann Feavers

I specialise in reviving the Victorian art form of glass pictures. 

I use original Victorian engravings taken from historical magazines like the Illustrated London News

The images are screen printed on the reverse of the glass and then I hand paint them to get the finished picture.

Danica Bloomfield

Although I have now been painting for 20 years, I still consider myself a beginner - learning all the time. 

I have a rather eclectic approach to my art, using a wide variety of media from lino and collograph prints to watercolours and oils.

Vivienne Tuddenham (Textile Artist)

I have been sewing in one form or another since a very early age but when I retired I decided to concentrate on textiles and embroidery. I spent the next three years taking City and Guild Stages I and II.

Since then I have been producing pictures using varying forms but I now seem to favour applique with top stitching and use many techniques, including hand-dyeing, watercolour paints and crayons.

Happiness is a needle and thread!

Fehmi Gokes

I am a self-taught mosaic artist and I have developed my own style over the years by experimenting with shape, colour and texture.

As well as making mosaic pictures, I also create my designs on tables and mirrors using a variety of materials, such as ceramic, glass and wood.

Jeremy James

I am an Upton-based ‘Documentary Wedding Photographer’.

Growing up in Norfolk, I developed a passion for photography, inspired by the landscape and wildlife. I trained as a photo-journalist and have since shot news and features for national newspapers and magazines around the world, including The Mail, Express, Telegraph, Times, Mirror, Hello and OK.

To find out more about my wedding photography service visit:

Dee Pozyczka

Growing up around the Norfolk Broads has enhanced my love of nature, I can always find a subject to paint or draw.

I am self-taught but I paint almost anything, from boats to birds, flowers to animals etc, using watercolour, gouache, acrylic, graphite oil and coloured pencils.

Lucy Basley

I formerly worked as a freelance Textile Designer having studied at Winchester School of Art. 

My style of painting is generally colourful and lively as well as being highly patterned. I work in a variety of materials including gouache, oils, inks and acrylics.

I have run an Art Club at the local school and have been involved in numerous large scale art projects.

I currently work from my home studio in Acle where I offer art tuition and take on a variety of commissions.

Jan Lacey


Ivars Galenieks and Yuko Sasaki

Ivars is a Latvian born photographer, musician and piano tuner. He began taking photographs when he was a teenage. He is exhibiting photos taken locally and in Japan.

Yuko lives in Japan. She has been inspired by Robert Doisneau and currently spends most of her time with food photography.

David Green

I was born and educated in Norfolk, England. I have had a passion for drawing since childhood but it was only in later life that I began to concentrate on the fine art of soft pastel, choosing landscapes as my main subjects.

I love being outdoors, walking the beaches or visiting the large expansive countryside of East Anglia. It's taken years for me to carefully study and then draw the light and shadows of this landscape. I've purposely paired down my strokes of soft pastel to provide only the essential information; creating a sense of place. To see more of my work visit

John Etheridge

I am an established artist with a strong following in the UK.  I was recently selected as one of the top 200 coloured pencil artists around the world and have written articles for American and UK art magazines.

Working in pastel and pencil mediums predominantly, I have also experimented with watercolour, with successful results, and am now currently working on restoring pieces of furniture and adding my artwork to them. 

To find out more, visit me on Facebook or via Trip Advisor as John Etheridge, the Cycling Artist.

Will Wright

I am currently employed as a Craft/Design teacher in a Norfolk High school.

In my spare time I like to make bespoke gifts and art work in the studio in my garden.

Everything I create is made from recycled goods and natural materials, including the picture frames I have used with my wooden mosaics now on display in the gallery.

Eleanor Alison

I only started painting once I had retired from my profession as an Optometrist.

During the last few years I have been developing a style using oil paints applied with a palette knife. This is now becoming a little more impressionistic.

My principal interest is with the landscape in all of its various forms; rough rugged mountains, quiet streams, water reflections and colourful sunsets.

Sarah Darnell

I am a Norfolk based photographer, specialising in the wildlife, the beautiful landscape and countryside activities of the county. 

To see more of my work please visit

John Palmer

Being able to draw from an early age, I always hoped I could use this ability later on in life but, apart from continuing to draw caricatures of family and friends, I gave up art at 20 when I began working.

Now, roughly 40 years later, I have found time and space to start again and produce acrylics, mostly of animals, with a personal aim to get life and humour into the painting.

I am currently exhibiting at Banham Zoo, The Ferini Gallery and at The Studio Art Gallery.

Marianne Charlesworth

I am a Norwich based textile artist with a strong interest in zoology, botany and the natural world –including the incredible artistry found among viruses and bacteria!

Whilst my main emphasis is on hand-embroidery, I enjoy linking it with a variety of printing methods, together with machine-embroidery, to produce multi-layered images.

Rosalie Osborne Gibb

My art very much reflects my love of the Norfolk coast and countryside, from surf and sunsets to wildlife and landscapes, worked predominantly in watercolours, acrylics and pastels.

My art covers a diverse range of styles and subjects, evidence of constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques to improve my skills and expand my creativity.

I conduct inspirational 'Creative Watercolour' workshops and recently tutored at a John Lewis Partnership residential art week on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.

Colin Palmer

I am a local, mainly self-taught, artist who attained Art“0” Level at school but found no time to paint until I retired in 2014.

Since then I have created some 60 paintings with a preference for oils as well as pastels covering all subjects from pets to portraiture, landscapes to sunsets etc. I enjoy painting unusual scenes in stunning spectral colours.

I am associated with EAGMA Marine Artists Group and exhibit locally. My work featured in this year’s NNOS Festival/R.N.Show/Higham Church and is selling well and attracting commissions.

Debbie Newson

I am a local artist and have now reached the age of 52. 

I have worked as a Mental Health nurse for over 30 yrs, a stressful job at times, but I have found my peace and solitude in the last few years dabbling in oil paints and pastels; discovering the enjoyment of producing a painting that captures a sense of Nature and Natural beauty.

In particular, I like to find subjects with a bit of character that create a feel good factor. This is a passionate venture for me and I mainly paint wildlife subjects, however I also enjoy the challenge of landscapes and flowers.

Rebecca Woods

Born in Martham, I have spent much of my life in Norfolk. 

I am a former History teacher but now share my love of the Norfolk landscape through my art photography.

All of my work is created using an iPhone. This is a deliberate choice which allows an immediacy and anonymity not always possible with larger DSLR cameras.

Blending with the crowd and getting close to subjects, I look to highlight the textures and fine detail that make Norfolk such a rich canvas to work from.

Charles Robert Sanderson

I am originally from Durham and I studied at the Norwich School of Art.

My work covers a range of mediums from traditional painting methods to the use of video and often concentrates on capturing the sense of time and space of my surroundings as well as the historical and political dimensions of the landscape.

Sue Cudby

Lucky enough to live in Norfolk, I draw, paint and print anything that captures my interest, from birds and animals to faces; architecture and fruit.

I work in acrylic, watercolour, pastel or pencil - choosing the medium that I think brings my artwork to life.

Jenny Haylett

A former nurse, I originate from Norwich but have long lived in Caister. I am a self-taught painter.

I have taken part in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and shown with the Hilliard and the Society of Miniaturists. Twice highly commended by the Society of Amateur Artists, my work is also to be seen in local exhibitions and galleries.

Rita Bishop

I am a retired civil servant. I discovered this wonderful hobby a few years ago and, after some tuition, I now paint regularly with my own group in Great Plumstead.

 Recently I exhibited with the Norfolk Broads Art Society at Blickling Hall and I also have 3 of my cartoons in the Art Exhibition at this year's Royal Norfolk Show.

Dorothy Bartlam

Born in Northern Ireland, Dorothy was a completely self-taught natural artist. Working in pastel and oils, she specialised in flower studies and landscapes.

Dorothy painted until 3 weeks before her death in 2007 at the age of 86.

Sue Matthew

I was born and raised in Norwich and have lived in Upton for more than 20 years.

I loved paintings from a young age and the history of art is a continuing interest to me.

I have been practising my own art for about 7 years now, concentrating on still life. My favoured medium is soft pastels but I like to experiment with other media.

Martin Leak

I live and work near the east Norfolk coast and am a member of the Great Yarmouth Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.

I have been painting portraits professionally in oil or acrylic for about 10 years and really enjoy the challenge of capturing the essence of my subjects.

Pauline Tye

I have always loved colour and art. As I could already draw, I decided to join a painting class to develop my skills.

I have been painting in watercolour for about 12 years. 

More recently I have ventured into oils which I have been doing for about 2 years now. I have also dabbled in pastels, which I think lends itself to fur and feathers.

Paulina Jones

My Artwork is inspired by spirit, colour, nature and universal energies. Each original piece of work is imbued with healing energies. I work in freestyle method, starting with a blank canvas and allowing spirit to guide my creativity.

I am based in the beautiful county of Norfolk in England. To see more of my work visit 

Tonia Jillings

I was raised in Lowestoft and the Norfolk/Suffolk coastlines have been a great influence on my work.

I gained a BA(Hons) in Design Crafts and now translate my observations of the natural world into sculptures, collage, paintings and crafted items.

This exhibition is inspired by postage stamps that have crossed the world. I consider the image shown, pick up my paints and then thoughtfully record an extension to the scene.

Colin Harvey

Originally a commercial photographer, I moved into fine art and sculpture as Principal Photographer at the National Gallery, London, and worked with many well known artists including Peter Blake and Paula Rego.

I have previously had two joint exhibitions, at St Martin's in the Fields and the Sheridan Russell Galleries in London, before recently moving to Norfolk. 

I am now freelance, and concentrate on capturing the moods and atmosphere of the East Anglian Landscape.

You can view more of my work on

Diana Louise Piccolo

I am committed to exploring and developing my knowledge and skills in order that I can convert my ideas and inspirations into real creations. My goal is to ensure that I offer beautiful, unique and quality pieces of art that are designed efficiently and cost-effectively for all. 

The pieces in this exhibition are part of my collection of framed and mounted 3D Fused Art Glass.

To see more of my work, visit

Ruth Church

I began painting and drawing at an early age and have always been interested in colour. I am mainly self-taught but attained a diploma from the London Art College for my botanical painting a few years ago. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums; watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastel, as well as drawing and feel equally at ease painting portraits, landscapes, pets or botanicals.

Graham Blackburn

For me, being an artist is all about passion and if there is no passion there’s no image. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I have artwork on walls all over the world and that people like the images I produce – whether it is seascapes or dances, people playing all types of musical instruments, animals or portraits of men and women.

Jenny Thomson

I am a self-taught artist, having taken up painting some 13 years ago and now balance this with a busy family life.

I paint using a variety of mediums to suit the purpose. When painting animals, I prefer soft pastels; seascapes, landscapes and flowers are done in oils; whilst birds are usually done in watercolour.

Ruth Mann​

I live in rural Norfolk with my husband and dog Milly. 

I caught the Art bug after taking early retirement from the Civil Service in 2007 and after some experimenting I found my medium, soft pastels, whose vibrant lasting colour captured my imagination.

My interest is in representational and impressionistic art and I work on a variety of subjects, whatever inspires me at a given time.

I have shown and sold work in local exhibitions, including those run by the Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle.

 I also sell online, mostly to the USA.  

Jan Heath

Largely a self-taught painter, I began when I retired from teaching in 2013. I paint in acrylics and oils and am influenced by everything I see, with children featuring frequently in my work. I am drawn to their innocence and lack of inhibitions and enjoy capturing moments in their lives. 

My work is continually evolving as I experiment with colour and different textures using a palette knife, sometimes just going where the paint takes me.

My Paintings have featured inside and on the cover of Paint magazine and are in private collections as far away as Australia.

Julie Hodgson

I believe that direct observation provides an essential foundation for every painting. Specialising in portrait and commission work, I rely on carefully observed detail, backed up with photographs and sketches. 

My aim is to capture the "soul and heart" of a portrait subject.

My work has not only been bought by clients in Norfolk but also France, America and Canada.

Bruce Rushin (BA Hons)

My recent work is about my preoccupation with wild birds. Living next to Upton Marshes on the River Bure, I am fascinated by their flight and behaviour. 

Dee Evans​

I use a variety of media and materials to explore surface texture to produce colourful mixed media paintings, taking inspiration from the countryside and rambles along the coast and seashore. My aim is to achieve a balance between colour and texture rather than a realistic interpretation of the subject matter, with colour almost always exaggerated. 

My acrylic paintings do not start from a subject but from experimenting with materials, making marks, building layers and letting the painting evolve.

My paintings are in private collections in UK, France, Greece, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Linda Turner (Textile artist)

My work is inspired by wide open spaces and the quiet of natural landscapes, as well as ancient buildings and historical sites. I work with textiles, paints, dyes, stitch, melting and burning to create wall hangings, pictures and 3D pieces. I give talks and teach about my work and related techniques.

Colin Giles

Leaving school, I attended Art College in Worthing and Great Yarmouth for 5 years and London College of Printing as a post graduate student in typography.

After ten years in London advertising agencies I started teaching and began to paint.

My work now follows my love of structure and colour.

You can view more of my work on